How does she work?

Each painting you see on this homepage is created over 8 to 12 weeks. During this time I think, feel and dream about the painting so it becomes a carefully created space within a frame to represent a secret world.

There are steps during creating these artworks that account for the exceptional length of the process. There are carefully constructed chemical reactions that give your painting the dimension of time slowly changing the appearance. These take precisely calculated lengths of time to develop, then at the right moment they have to be cooled and slowed down to give life to your painting over the coming decades.

There are also strictly selected sustainable and natural paints and materials to assure an eco-friendly artwork. These take a long time to dry, and allow me absolute control over how the end image turns out of my hands.

Because of all this, the paintings exist within the framework of the works in the same series. They have multiple complex connections and associations. They share never-to-be-repeated colors, bursts of emotions of various impacts and dream visions of the same night reflecting differently in each.

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