The Evening and the Vase 11.

Even if you have no vase to hold your flowers, you can look at the lights of the sunset through the window. Your house holds you.

  1. A person peering out the window. Directly. No vase.
  2. Not having something that you thought was essential and learn to live without.
  3. If i could just paint like this for the rest of my life I’d be happy. I love the colors, the composition and the textures. Naples yellow at its best.
  4. Loosing my dear little Daniel, yet again.
  5. This one I am pleased with, there is a real brightness about life on it.

Additional information


Oil on Canvas


H 155 mm x W 155 mm


1. Spatial (Height)
2. Spatial (Width)
3. Spatial (Depth)
4. Associative