Who is she?

I am excited to start painting Fine Art full time as arts have always been my passion. I have always felt strongly about colors and shapes. Later on I realised I have a synaesthetic mind, which means I can and I have the need to “speak in colors”. I trained as a Fine Art Painter at Garay János Arts Faculty and later at Budai Drawing School in Hungary. I am also a chemist and I enjoy creating new, innovative techniques for a unique expression of the emotions and stories I want to tell. I am at a stage of my life where I have left the role of life-giver behind and now I have become a nurturer. It is time for me to start speaking, not only to my children, but also to the world using the language of colors and shapes. I have many stories to tell having a home at the opposite ends of the Earth, geographically speaking as well as emotionally, chronologically, politically and culturally. I have been lucky enough to learn many skills over several life-stages and I am ready to put them all to use to fulfill my calling as a Fine Art Painter.

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