Clouds of the Soul 6.

Look for a dream.  .. the clouds of your soul are playing “guess what” and show you anything you want to see.


  1. On this painting you can see a  woman in a hopeful, relaxed stance looking upwards idly.
  2. This is about unlived happiness, dreams in a mind that are all the more relaxing as nothing can happen to them as we make them. It’s about daydreaming.
  3. Notice the contrast between the dark purple and the rose gold fragments.
  4. I was inspired by reflecting on how Iam trying to search for ways of happiness among and over the sad times of life.
  5. I can only connect to this picture when there is quiet and I can successfully get there to feel this good. Then, it’s about genuine quiet joy.

Additional information


Oil on Glass


H 280 mm x W 355 mm


1. Spatial (Height)
2. Spatial (Width)
3. Spatial (Depth)
4. Time
5. Associative