Clouds of the Soul 8.

Forgive not. . . and leave your soul behind you, raining love unseen.

  1. A woman is staying aloof, with her back to most of the picture, people or life.
  2. In this painting you can see anger and unforgiveness by body language and downcast eyes.
  3. There is an urge in all of us of trying to blame what went wrong on somebody. It is always wrong, the point is always to find the lesson for myself, to feel comfortable with the world again somehow. I can never change what others do, but if anger and unforgiveness remained, I wouldn’t be able to love.
  4. The hard work of choosing love has paid off and it reminds me how much more important love is than accusation.

Additional information


Oil on Glass


H 405 mm x W 510 mm


1. Spatial (Height)
2. Spatial (Width)
3. Spatial (Depth)
4. Time
5. Associative