Crazy dancing women

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Jerked through life with the strings of hormones, the biological functions of a woman whistle the tunes of the eternal crazy dance. We are dancing around the same blazing fire without mercy, without a hope of a moment’s rest.


On this picture two women are abandoned in a ritual dance,  a young and fit one and an old an motherly one.  They are dancing in a circle exhausted but unable to stop.

It represents a woman’s life as we all go through it.  Our life is from one point if view fully determined by rapid hormonal changes,  first adolescence,  then the monthly cycles,  sex, fertility,  pregnancy,  miscarriage,  birth,  parenting,  then menopause then old age.  As opposed to men whose hormones leave them alone in a sense that they are stable.

The idea comes from realising I couldn’t keep my fetus alive and that I am only a puppet in the hands of a biological machine that’s my body.

This picture is to message feelings of unsettled abandon, hopelessness, unrecognised slavery, exhaustion, mercilessness, noise.


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H 400mm x W 500mm


Oil on glass


Reflective and Responsive


1. Spatial (Height)
2. Spatial (Width)
3. Spatial (Depth)
4. Time