Clouds of the Soul 3.

This is her.
A portion of my substance, but she didn’t always look like this.
There was a time where she could not be still. Her heart was crushed, the pain causing her soul to writhe around in agony.
He was the gift she was entirely eager to receive. Another being, entrusted into her care, growing inside her. There’s a chamber of her heart reserved for these gifts, and it’s expanded three times before. Many years ago, she was unaware of its existence, as many of us are. Then she felt the tiny nudges of life inside her and suddenly, her heart revealed its secret room. It had been there all along. A room full of undiscovered feelings of love.
Daniel was no exception. Like his three predecessors, he was invoking an outpouring of feeling within her. She longed for the day she would stroke his tiny face and feel his tiny fingers wrapped around her.
It came much, much sooner than expected. His body fit into her hand, and it did not move. For a while, neither did time.
But there is hope.
This is her now. Calm. Still. At peace with the role of motherhood she fulfils, instead of the one she thought she would.
Her portrait is now available. There are many of us who have experienced this particular soul destroying disappointment, as I have. If she speaks to you, I’d like you to add her to your life.
Digital prints available in various sizes, as well as the original oil painting.

Additional information


Oil on Glass


H 260 mm x W 205 mm


1. Spatial (Height)
2. Spatial (Width)
3. Spatial (Depth)
4. Time
5. Associative